We are specialist in Permanent and Temporary employment recruitment services nationally in the following sectors:


- Engineering,

- Information Technology (IT)

  • - Finance

We are experienced in sourcing and providing personnel in accordance with our clients’ requirements.  We have a large data base of personnel, which is updated on a regular basis. Our other means of recruitment are through the media (newspapers, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn.  



Our sourcing and selection methodologies are competency based to ensure optimum alignment and job satisfaction. Before we start recruiting, we will first gain a good understanding of your business and the environment within which you operate. This will provide us with insight into the way you conduct your business, your culture, as well as the ethics, values and standards by which you operate. This insight and understanding will then assist in providing a short-list of the best available candidates who will meet your requirements in terms of the skills, experience and qualifications and also match your culture, ethics and values.




This method is effective in finding scare and specialised skills through national Newspaper advertising. This service is flexible; you have an option to either let us handle the whole recruitment process or let us handle certain parts of the process.






This cost effective and flexible solution means that we employ and lease staff to Clients on either a short or long term basis. We are geared to supply staff to you at short notice to fill in for:


Emergency situations such as staff being on sick leave
Staff on annual leave
Staff on maternity leave
Assistance in abnormal workloads  







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