We run public courses on scheduled dates; these courses are run at venues and include a light meal on arrival, finger snacks during the tea breaks, and lunch. Candidates will a training manual and a framed Certificate of Attendance.




Our delegates are continually assessed within the classroom environment and provided with feedback during the programme. The trainers, together with other delegates in the group, are encouraged to give constructive input.  Assessments are based on practical exercises, role plays, and day to day case studies.  Optional pre- and post-course assessments are available for in-house training programmes.



Pakanyo HR Solutions training approach is designed to ensure that we build skills that can be implemented practically in the work place. This approach comprises of the following phases







We offer on-site training that can be customised according to the organisations’ training needs. The benefit is training is delivered at time and venue that suits the client.





Support and guidance will be given to learners in contextualising the training content in order to make it meaningful in the Learners world.












Step 1: Project Definition

Here we work with your organisation to identify what your business issues are. The needs analysis will help identify solutions.


Step 2: Developing a Customised Solution

A programme will then be customised in order to increase the Learners effectiveness in the areas identified during the needs analysis.


Step 3: Implementation and Delivery

The objective of the training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully in the business environment. Therefore the Learners are encouraged to participate in:


Break-away Sessions
Relevant business exercises
Discussion activities and
Case studies.


Our trainers create an environment where Learners can evaluate themselves and their skills, develop ideas and solutions to problems and plan improved growth in the workplace. They also given an opportunity to explore issues they find relevant.


Step 4: Post Training Support

We offer continuous support, coaching and feedback to guarantee success. Follow-up sessions are available to focus on continuing improvement and to ensure that the skills of the participant are consistently enhanced.


Step 5: Evaluation

Each programme is reviewed and evaluated with feedback from the Learners, impact of training assessed and future learning needs identified.






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